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OIC Guidance Notes

The Information Commissioner has prepared a series of Guidance Notes. These Notes give a short commentary on the Commissioner's interpretation and application of various aspects of the FOI Act 2014. They should also assist FOI bodies in understanding what the Commissioner expects of them in his review of their decisions.

The Guidance Notes are intended to give general guidance only and are not legally binding. The application of any provision in any particular case will always depend on the particular record(s) and the relevant facts and circumstances.

The Commissioner continues to develop the range and nature of the Guidance Notes and further Notes will be published in due course. Guidance Notes which have already been published will also be updated or amended from time to time. Where an FOI body is having regard to a Guidance Note, it should ensure that the Note concerned is the current version available on this website at the time.

If you have any comments in relation to the Guidance Notes, please feel free to contact us at info@oic.ie

Section 9 - Amendment of Records Relating to Personal Information (Last Updated September 2017)

Section 10 - Right of Person to Information Regarding Acts of FOI bodies Affecting the Person (Last Updated September 2017)

Section 15(1)(c) - Voluminous Request (Published August 2015)

Section 15(1)(g) - Frivolous or Vexatious (Published August 2015)

Section 27 - Fees and Charges (Published April 2017)

Section 28 - Meetings of the Government (Published August 2015)

Section 29 - Deliberations of FOI Bodies (Published August 2015)

Section 30 - Functions and Negotiations of FOI Bodies (Last Updated February 2016)

Section 31 - Parliamentary, Court and Certain Other Matters (Published January 2016)

Section 32 - Law Enforcement and Public Safety (Published August 2015)

Section 33 - Security, Defence and International Relations (Published February 2016)

Section 35 - Information Obtained in Confidence (Published March 2016)

Section 36 - Commercially sensitive information(Published February 2016)

Section 37 - Personal Information (Published August 2017)

Section 38 - Procedure in relation to Certain FOI Requests to which Section 35, 36 or 37 Applies (Published September 2017)

Section 39 - Research & Natural Resources (Published October 2016)

Section 40- Financial and Economic Interests of the State (Published October 2016)

Section 41- Enactments Relating to Non-Disclosure of Records (Published July2017)